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Locally owned, Enterprise Cleaning Corporation has 15 years of experience to tackle any commercial cleaning need you have. We employ about 55 individuals, and every employee is trained specifically for the job they'll perform.

There are always nuances that need to be taken into account for different spaces. For example, those assigned to clean a manufacturing site will be educated in the appropriate methods and products for that facility that may differ from those needed to clean offices or residences.

We pay attention to all the details including traffic flow and work schedules to address anything that might affect a job when creating your service schedule. Once cleaners are on the job, they receive periodic evaluations to make sure their work meets the high standards set by us and that you expect. We manage our cleaners so that you won't have to.

Cleaners are often in a facility after the office staff has gone home. Part of our hiring process involves background checks and references. We are usually the only service that will visit every square foot of your facility on a nightly basis. If any of our cleaning technicians notice something unusual, it is reported to our management. Our entire staff wears uniforms and badges that make it easy for your staff to identify they are ours.

 We are proud members of the BBB. Contact us today for a FREE estimate and get the cleaning service you require.
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"I have been the Facilities Manager at Millbury Federal Credit Union for nearly a decade. I take care of the main office in Millbury plus 4 branches located in Worcester (2), Auburn and South Grafton. This keeps me quite busy, and anytime I can get some help is greatly appreciated.

One of the first things I learned at MCU was that you’re only as good as your vendors. I had gone through a few cleaning companies before Steve Buchalter of Enterprise Cleaning Corporation showed up at my office one day. He spent time visiting my branches and laid out a plan. The aspect of his business that caught my attention was the regional managers that would visit the branches on a regular basis, get to know our employees, and assure that the cleaners were doing everything that was expected of them. This was the personal touch the other companies weren’t giving, and freed me up to do my other duties. I am very pleased with Enterprise operation from top to bottom."

- Wayne Cormier, Facilities Manager, Millbury Federal Credit Union
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